Dorothy Gastel, founder of Dorothy's Candies

Dorothy's Triumphant Return to the Public!


Pittsburgh, PA - Dorothy’s Candies provided a sweet curtain call at the Pittsburgh Public Theater April 4th, as our steel town played host to a group of international high school age students and their host families. Nacel Open Door, a non-profit agency that coordinates visiting F1 Visa students with local families willing to host them throughout their remaining high school years in preparation for their attending an American college, held their end-of-year wrap up at the Public Theater in advance of the evening’s performance of The Iliad. “What a wonderful way to end a school year adding something sweet to these students’ Pittsburgh and American experience,” reported Paul Beran, area representative for Nacel Open Door. “The combination of culture and confection is quite satisfying,” concluded Beran.

Katie Conaway, Group Sales & Audience Development Manager of the Pittsburgh Public Theater commented, “We’re pleased that Dorothy’s Candies has made a return trip to the Public, and we look forward to many more!” Dorothy’s first visit to the Public last January was hindered by a sudden snow storm just an hour or so before the evening’s performance. “That meant there was more Dorothy’s Candies for everyone who attended!” added Conaway.

Dorothy’s hand-crafted delights offered that evening featured an assortment of cream, nut and fruit filled chocolates, as well as chocolate covered pretzels—a Pittsburgh favorite for sure!

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